Cheap and Easy Rain Gutter Covers

The roof and gutters on my home are a little over ten years old, so it’s going to be time to have a new roof put on and all the gutters replaced in another year or two. In the meantime, however, I’ve found that because I have a tree in front of my house my […]

What Is Air Duct Cleaning and Is It Worth It?

About this time every year my mailbox starts filling up with ads for air duct cleaning services that come into your home and actually vacuum out all the accumulated dust and debris (and even mold) that builds up the metal ducts of any sort of forced air heating or air conditioner system. These companies usually […]

A Ladder Stabilizer Review of Ladder-Max

So far I’ve spent my summer starting a bunch of exterior home improvement projects around the house which all, in one form or another, seem to require me to use a ladder. Last year I got “lucky” and only ended up replacing the wooden fence around my yard which required absolutely no ladder work at […]

AC Not Keeping Up? Cool Down Your House Now!

Whether you have a central air conditioner or just window air conditioners in your house there’s always a point during the summer when the temperatures start hitting the high 90′s and the AC can’t keep up with the rising heat and humidity. If you find that your air conditioner isn’t keeping your house cool on […]

Fancy Headboards for Stunning Modern Bedrooms

Having modern bedroom is beneficial for you in some ways. It looks simple yet still classy. Besides that, a modern bedroom also allows you to do some works to make it looks more beautiful in easy ways. Concerning about that, you can actually find many fancy headboards to make your bedroom becomes more stunning. However, […]