Why A Pressure Treated Wood Fence is Worth The Money

I accidentally learned a valuable lesson about choosing to use pressure treated wood fence in my yard. If you remember, it was about seven months ago that I put up a new wood fence around my yard. In case you’re unfamiliar with buying wood or lumber for home improvement projects, let me quickly explain what […]

When Is The Best Time To Plant Grass Seed?

A lot of people believe that they are destined to have an ugly lawn with bald patches just because they missed one grass growing season or some magical period of time in which to plant grass. Sure, lots of people claim there is an exact window of time when you can plant grass and choosing […]

What To Do About Brown Grass

Okay, what is the photo on the right? Is it a photo from Africa’s Serengeti National Park? It is the remains of a foolish attempt to grow a lawn in the Arizona Desert? Maybe it’s a farm that specializes in growing hay? Sadly, it is none of those things. It is, unfortunately, my back yard. […]

Wagner TurboRoll Power Paint Roller Review

After putting up the drywall and finishing the walls in my basement room it was finally time to apply some primer and paint. I was going to just use a regular paint roller, but I had a unique chance to try out the new Wagner TurboRoll Power Paint Roller and I’m glad I did. You […]

Wagner Power Paint Plus EZ Tilt Sprayer Review

So the good folks at Wagner were kind enough to send me one of their new Wagner Power Paint Plus sprayers to review a few weeks ago. I’ve used a sprayer in the past, but didn’t have one of my own until Wagner sent this one along. The Power Painter Plus is one of their […]